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Current Version of Java One of the common alerts you will get with Smart Source coupons is that your version of Java is out of date. Most of the printing softwares run on Java so head over to Java. New updates can happen over night, so this may be something that was working yesterday and now you need to fix.

Even this morning for me I had to update Java to get coupons…. If you miss this box your coupons can timeout and never print. If your pop up blocker is on, you need to watch for the symbol in the top right corner that they blocked a pop up and then select to always allow pop ups for that page. Then reload the page and try again….

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Just wait a few weeks and let others help iron out all the wrinkles, then go ahead and upgrade. This is a great tip no matter the electronic device.

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With web browsers there are dinosaurs there too. Most websites and coders no longer write code for Internet Explorer 6 and many no longer support 7 either, yet… over people came to Southern Savers in the last month with one of those web browsers. For web browsers, updates are FREE! Look at the first point above and download a new version, the internets will become a magical place for you. Be sure to check out this update here.

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Back to the top! This page features a test coupon. Do this with the browser you intend to use for printing coupons. Finally, re-install the coupon printing software by following the steps HERE. This guide will walk you through the process of troubleshooting Java on your personal computer. Please close all applications and browser windows unrelated to the coupon printer, and ensure that your printer is on and set as the default printing device. It is more likely that your browser is blocking Java from running. Please follow this guide to assist in enabling Java.

First and foremost, visit the following link to verify that your browser is recognizing the applet: Java Verification. Choose your operating system to continue! Consult your printer manual for information on how to spool print documents. If you have verified that your printer is set to spool documents, try printing in another browser. SmartSource recommends Firefox.

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If you were trying to print several coupons, the file size may be exceeding the amount of memory you have available. Try printing a single coupon. If that works, you may not be able to print out all that you want in a single session. Java is incompatible with Google Chrome on a Mac at this time. SmartSource recommends using Firefox.

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Our coupon plugin is a one-time, quick installation that lets you come to the site anytime in the future and print quickly without having to worry about errors or browser updates. If you have issues getting the plugin installed for some reason, please reach out to us via our support center, live chat or our toll free support line.

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Troubleshooting Guides for: Facts You should know: You can only print 2 coupons per computer from coupons. NET 4. NET such as 3.

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Printing from a mobile device smartphone, tablet is not supported. Please use a standard laptop or desktop.